Altia Koskenkorva distillery


Occupational safety is one of the key focus areas of Altia’s sustainability work. We have invested strongly in improving occupational safety and building our safety culture both within Altia as well as with our partners. On this page you can find Altia’s minimum safety requirements, which apply to all people working at our production and logistics sites, as well as separate safety orientations for Altia’s different locations.


To ensure everyone working at Altia is aware of our safety and hygiene policies, we require that all external parties operating at our facilities complete the relevant safety orientations. The orientations include safety, hygiene and environmental programs and they cover both Altia’s general policies as well as location-specific instructions.

Completion of the relevant orientations will be checked before entering the premises. The completed orientations are valid for one year.

Altia’s minimum safety requirements

Altia has set minimum safety requirements for critical operations. These requirements apply to both Altia’s employees as well as external parties working in the production and logistics areas at Altia’s plants.

Altia's safety orientation

All units

Altia’s safety orientation presents general safety instructions and requirements for all of Altia’s production sites. Completing the orientation is mandatory for all external craftsmen working at Altia’s sites, excluding the Brunna logistics center.

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Rajamäki alcoholic beverage plant

For those working at the Rajamäki alcoholic beverage plant, we require the completion of both the safety orientation as well as the hygiene and environmental orientation.

Click here to begin the safety orientation for Rajamäki alcoholic beverage plant.

Click here to begin the hygiene and environmental orientation for Rajamäki alcoholic beverage plant.