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On this page you'll find our policies, such as Code of conduct for suppliers, Anti-bribery and -corruption policy for suppliers and business partners and and Rajamäki food safety policy.


Altia Group Code of Conduct

Altia’s commitment to responsibility and integrity is reflected in the Group's Code of Coduct. The cornerstones of Altia’s Code of Conduct are Our People, Our Business and Our Integrity. Read more about the Group Code of Conduct >

Altia Code of Conduct for Suppliers

We have created our own Code of Conduct for Suppliers and Subcontractors. Starting in 2017, the Code of Conduct has been made an integral part of contracts with suppliers. The Code of Conduct is primarily based on the same international agreements and principles as the amfori BSCI Code of Conduct.

Download the policy here:

Altia Anti-Bribery and -Corruption Policy for Suppliers and Business Partners

Download the policy here:


Altia's Quality, Safety and Environment Principles

Management and implementation of quality, safety and environmental values are the most paramount for Altia. We are committed to continuous improvement of our operations.

Read more about Altia's quality, safety and environment principles > 

Rajamäki Plant Food Safety Policy

Altia Rajamäki beverage plant believes that success depends on the supply of products, packages and services that meet customer and consumer expectations. We will ensure the food safety of all products that the plant manufactures.

Read more about Rajamäki Plant Food Safety Policy >