A drink with ice and lime in a copper mug on a wooden table.

Our Drink

At Altia, we take pride in the quality of our offering, which includes our own brands and selected partner brands. We carefully review and minimize the environmental impacts at all stages of the product life cycle and invest in creating recyclable, reusable, renewable, and lighter packaging.


Altia's sustainability strategy is manifested through our Nordic core brands. Our strong brands act as a tool to tell the consumer true stories of our sustainability journey.

Aspiring sustainability ambitions serve as our long-term goals. The ambitions will be reached by clear, measurable goals in everything we do, from innovation and product development to packaging and marketing communication.

The common sustainability goals 2030 for our brands:

  • By 2025, all our packaging is 100% recyclable
  • By 2030, we will strive for carbon neutrality
  • By 2030, we will offer increased amount of responsible and conscious choice for consumers
  • We will strive for sustainable and transparent sourcing through amfori 

Our core brands’ sustainability ambitions 2030:

  • Koskenkorva: Koskenkorva to be the world’s most sustainable vodka
  • O.P. Anderson Aquavit: O.P Anderson to be the first zero waste Aquavit
  • Blossa: Blossa to be the first climate neutral winter drink brand
  • Chill Out: Chill Out to be the most recyclable lifestyle wine brand

The sustainability goals 2030 for our packaging:

  • By 2025, all our packaging is 100% recyclable
  • By 2030, we have reduced the CO2 footprint of our packaging by 35%
  • We will actively communicate to improve both our bottle and flexible packages return rates in all our home markets