Altia’s responsibility work is guided by four responsibility cornerstones and their associated themes: Altia & Customers, Altia & Society, Altia & Environment and Altia & Employees.

The cornerstones are based on our purpose and strategy, stakeholders’ expectations, our internal principles and code of conduct, as well as the ethical principles of the amfori BSCI initiative.

Responsibility topics that affect Altia as a whole are addressed by Altia’s Corporate Responsibility Working Group, whose members represent different parts of the organization. The Working Group reports to the Executive Management Team. It is chaired by a member of the Executive Management Team.

Green Awards 2018 logo
Altia and Koskenkorva distillery awarded as the Green Company of the Year 2018

Altia has been awarded as the Green Company of the Year in the The Drinks Business Green Awards 2018. Altia was selected as the winner due to the bio and circular economy achieved at its Koskenkorva distillery in Finland.

Koskenkorva distillery uses about 200 million kilos of Finnish barley each year and none of this goes to waste. The barley husk that would otherwise not be used in the distillery’s production is incinerated in the plant’s own bioenergy power plant, which produces steam energy for the distillation process.

The Green Company of the Year recognition is awarded annually to a company that demonstrates its commitment to developing environmental responsibility especially by changing and improving business practices to lower its carbon footprint.

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