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Shared moments, powerful emotions, new experiences – enabling these is not only the goal of the newly inaugurated Helsinki Olympic Stadium, but also at the heart of Altia's business. With their cooperation agreement, Altia partners up with Finland’s largest event arena to create memorable encounters and strive towards ambitious sustainability goals.

Altia continues its collaboration with the Baltic Sea Action Group by renewing its Baltic Sea commitment. As part of the commitment Altia will provide training in regenerative farming practices to all of its contract farmers. Altia is a major buyer of barley in Finland and with this commitment Altia wants to support the adoption of more environmentally friendly farming practices.

This year’s annual Blossa glögg is inspired by Marrakech, Morocco. There lies the city’s famous market square Djemaa el-Fna, surrounded by cafés, where traditional sweet Moroccan mint tea is served. This year's glögg tastes of fresh mint and green tea combined with traditional glögg spices.

Creating unique brand experiences through product innovations and sustainability are at the core of Altia’s strategy and our key strengths. Our innovation strategy builds on strong consumer understanding, a creative culture, future exploration as well as product development expertise. Success in prominent international competitions strengthens Altia’s position as a role model in Nordic innovations in the beverage industry.