Results from Denmark: changing the mindsets of youngsters

Industry's preventation campaigns in Denmark have succeeded in changing the way youngsters think about drinking habits.

together with alcohol industry, promotes actively responsible alcohol
culture in Denmark. Most of the work is executed through the industry funded
GODA - God Alkoholkultur - initiative which reaches out to schools and
municipalities in order to involve the whole local community in a constructive
discussion about alcohol - focusing particularly on young people.

Among other
means, GODA provides teaching materials aimed at the oldest classes of
elementary schools, which are available online at

 “GODA can provide an independent and
alternative voice to the discussion on alcohol in Denmark. By working together
with various stakeholders and being involved in the local communities we can
make a difference in changing the alcohol culture”, says Troels Husfeldt, Vice
Chairman of GODA and Commercial Director of Altia Denmark.

Two thirds
thought about changing their drinking habits

A study done
in 2012 about the usefulness of the GODA material showed that after lessons
where GODA’s material was used, more than two thirds thought about changing
their drinking habits. During autumn 2014 the materials will be updated with
exercises and discussions aimed also at upper secondary schools. GODA has also
launched short films to be used at parents meetings, illustrating dilemmas
about teenagers and alcohol, available at

Recently, as
part of a national Alcohol Awareness Week, GODA trained 20 nurses in the
Gentofte municipality, who will in their turn use GODA material to teach
classes about how to talk about alcohol and how to hold a party without
excessive alcohol use.  After feedback,
the material will be sent to other municipalities to be used in schools
elsewhere in Denmark.

GODA is also
a party to a major national initiative by the Ministry of Health, which aims at
improving the health of all Danes over the next 10 years. Co-sponsors of the
initiative include the local brewery association, Danish industries, the HoReCa
sector, retailers and GODA. The initiative includes seven partnerships, one of
which focuses on reducing harmful use of alcohol and postponing the age when
young people start experimenting with alcohol.

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