Blossa Frisk is a fresh and less sweet glögg option for Christmas festivities

The new white Blossa Frisk is a fresh and less sweet glögg with 2,2% alcohol.

Have you been looking for a lighter and less sweet glögg for the Christmas festivities? Blossa Frisk might be the choice for you.

The new white glögg Blossa Frisk is fantastic served cold with ice as a pre-cocktail but can also be served warm. It has only 2,2 % percent alcohol. The alcohol has carefully been removed from the glögg and Blossa’s traditional glögg spices (e.g. clove, cardamom and ginger) have been added, as well as citrus and elderflower. The result is a less sweet glögg with the character of a white glögg with fresh notes of citrus and elderflower. 

Blossa Frisk will be available in the Swedish market.

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