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Anna Möller appointed as Marketing Director for Altia Scandinavia

Anna Möller will take on a newly established role as Marketing Director of Altia Scandinavia on June 1, 2019. Altia Scandinavia includes Sweden, Norway and Denmark and consist approximately one third of Altia Group. Altia Scandinavia develops and markets some of the top heritage Nordic beverage brands, such as Blossa, Chill-Out and O.P. Anderson, with an aquavit distillery in Sundsvall.

"We have some of the proudest brands in Sweden, and to be able to lead the work on these brands into the future feels incredibly exciting. Through the integrated work we will be able to make even greater use of each other's knowledge and experience so that we become even more attractive to our consumers, customers, new potential partners and future colleagues", says Anna Möller, incoming marketing director for Altia Scandinavia.

Anna will continue to report to Janne Halttunen, SVP Scandinavia, and the marketing managers for wine and spirits as well as the digital department will in turn report to Anna.

In addition, Anna will pursue issues regarding digitalisation and sustainability, which directly reaches the final consumers.

"I want to involve and engage consumers even more by developing our digital channels. Here we will, among other things, continue to guide in making conscious choices when it comes to drinking. It may be about choosing drinks with a higher quality, choosing the right drink for the right occasion or giving more opportunities to choose a slightly lower alcohol content if you so wish”, Anna concludes.

Anna started at Altia eight years ago as product manager for various categories within spirits. Since 2015, she has been responsible for her own brands and later even Altia’s entire spirits category in Sweden. 

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