Altia product development team creates new flavors for glögg throughout the year

Popularity of wine and flavored glöggs in Finland is growing rapidly. We're talking about a growth of tens of thousands of liters each year.

of wine based and flavored glöggs, the Nordic name for mulled wines, is growing rapidly in Finland. The sales of this category – mainly sold in Alko - have grown at a steady pace for many years.
We're talking about a growth of tens of thousands of liters each year.

- You could say
that so-called "upgrading" has happened among consumers. Instead of
making own blends at home, many consumers are now looking for wine glöggs,
explains Altia market analyst Petri Pentikäinen.

Consumers are
also interested in different flavors. They like to test new flavors and also
enjoy glöggs in different occasions.

- Mulled wine is not anymore a drink for just
Christmas Eve but it is enjoyed in various situations during the Christmas
season. The development of new glögg flavors has also inspired many to try new
combinations of glögg and foods of the season in addition to traditional
gingerbread, Pentikäinen continues.

Hand made annual
glögg blends require work during the whole year

Annual editions of glöggs, which as a concept
originate from Sweden, have established themselves in Finland. The most popular
annual glögg in the Nordic markets is Blossa, which is sold in Sweden, Finland,
Norway, Denmark and Estonia.

The term annual
glögg refers to a new flavored glögg which is developed for each year and sold
only during that season. For example, Altia annual Blossa recipe is one of the
best kept secrets in the company until the disclosure which usually takes place
in early September. Currently Altia product development is already in full
speed for developing the Blossa vintage 2015 - although the 2014 vintage is not
announced until September 9th.

- With glögg
product development only your imagination is the limit. Recipe development
requires a lot of creative ideas, experimentation and of course tasting. We do
it all by ourselves at Altia. The making of the annual Blossa requires the work
of many experts throughout the year, says Nathalie Malledant, brand development manager for

Altia's product
development team searches inspiration for Blossa vintages from near and far. In
2011, the annual Blossa was flavored by hand-picked coffee beans from El
Salvador. In 2012, the flavor was inspired by Far East.

Follow up on this
year’s Blossa annual release on Sep 9th at!

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