Altia certified for bottling of Fairtrade wines in Rajamäki

Altia has received a permit for bottling Fairtrade wines at its Rajamäki plant.

Altia has received a permit for bottling Fairtrade wines at its Rajamäki plant. Altia applied for the permit in 2014, and auditing was carried out in April 2015. The permit allows the packaging of Altia’s own Fairtrade wines and those included in its contracted production in Rajamäki.

“Consumers are increasingly interested in products’ origin, production and responsibility in the production chain. We find that, above all else, investing in responsible business is a chance for Altia to develop its business sustainably,” says CEO Pekka Tennilä.

Fairtrade means fairer trading conditions and opportunities for producers in developing countries to invest in their businesses and communities for a sustainable future. The popularity of Fairtrade wines is increasing in the Nordic Countries, and Altia’s first own Fairtrade wine will be launched 1 June in Sweden. The wine has been bottled in South Africa, its country of origin, but in future, Altia will also bottle Fairtrade wines in Rajamäki when possible. At the moment, most of Altia’s own wines are bottled in Rajamäki.

The share of ethically certified wines sold in Finnish retail trade is now at 2.3%, after increasing by 28% last year. Altia’s selection includes several Fairtrade wines that are imported partner brands.

Altia’s plants can bottle Scotch whisky

In March, Altia received a permit from British authorities to blend, bottle and package Scotch whisky at their plants in Rajamäki and Tabasalu. The permit from authorities was necessary in order for Altia to continue bottling its Scotch whisky brands in either Finland or Estonia.

Scotch whisky is a geographical indication protected in the European Union and strictly regulated in terms of production and labelling. The permit granted verifies that Altia complies with these regulations.

Rajamäki to become a top-quality alcoholic beverages plant

Fairtrade certification and the bottling permit of Scotch whiskies are a part of Altia’s strategic goal to develop the Rajamäki alcoholic beverage plant into a first-class alcoholic beverages plant at the international level. At the moment, the Rajamäki plant employs 300 people, and packages about 20 million litres of wine and glögg and about 50 million litres of spirits annually. The clean spring water in the Rajamäki area is used in the production of Altia’s beverages and is minimally processed, and Altia has extensively protected its land areas around the plant to ensure that the use of clean spring water as an ingredient will also be possible in the future.

Several investments have been made in the Rajamäki plant in the past few years, including the bag-in-box lines of wines, launched in the spring of 2014. Last year, Altia also moved its production of glögg to the Rajamäki plant.

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