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Altia aims for carbon-neutral production by 2025

Altia aims to make its production carbon-neutral by 2025. Altia has published a Sustainability Roadmap extending to 2030, built around a core of the circular economy and carbon-neutral production. Altia does not use compensation as a means to reduce its emissions; rather, the company’s steps towards carbon neutrality are based on the development of its own production plants, most importantly the Koskenkorva distillery’s bioenergy power plant, and shifting to renewable energy sources.

Altia’s production at the Koskenkorva distillery is based on an award-winning bio- and circular economy, built on a long-term basis. This work is continued in Altia’s new Sustainability Roadmap, which extends to 2030. The roadmap’s key goal is Altia’s commitment to carbon-neutral production by 2025. The goal covers both Altia’s direct fossil emissions and those generated by purchased energy.

“Sustainability is a strategic priority and a key success factor for Altia. The basis of our products and export marketing is the barley processed at the Koskenkorva plant with the assistance of the circular economy and the pure, protected groundwater at Rajamäki. We have already been able to reduce our CO2 emissions by more than half from the level in 2014, and we’re now aiming for a zero level,” says Pekka Tennilä, Altia’s CEO. 

“Our new Sustainability Roadmap sets ambitious numerical goals for our sustainability work until 2030. The roadmap is based on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and built on further developing our own operations rather than emission compensation measures,” says Petra Gräsbeck, Communications Director of Altia. 

The new roadmap is divided into four focal areas of sustainability.

Our distillery

  • Key goal: Our production will be carbon neutral by 2025.
    Altia’s award-winning Koskenkorva distillery is based on the bio- and circular economy. Circular economy ideas are also being expanded into other operations. In terms of the electricity we use, we aim to shift to fully renewable electricity over the next three years. Altia protects groundwater areas in Rajamäki and pursues a 20 per cent reduction in the volume of wastewater. Altia promotes sustainable cultivation practices in cooperation with its contract growers and the Baltic Sea Action Group. Altia aims to provide all contract growers with training on carbon farming by 2025.

Our drink

  • Key goal: Our packaging will be fully recyclable by 2025.
    We will reduce the carbon footprint of our packages by 35 per cent by 2030. We will continue to develop more responsible forms of packaging, such as PET plastic bottles, bag-in-box containers, Tetra Paks and lighter glass bottles. We will increase the return rates of both our PET bottles and box packages in our home markets with the help of consumer campaigns.

Our society

  • Key goal: 10 per cent of our products will be low-alcohol or non-alcoholic by 2030.
    We want to support a modern, responsible Nordic drinking culture. We will help consumers choose the more responsible products they are hoping for and will provide them with transparent information on our products’ energy content and ingredients to support their choices. By 2030, organic products will account for 10 per cent of our product portfolio, and we will reduce the use of sugar by 10 per cent.

Our people

  • Key goal: Zero absences attributable to occupational accidents by 2030.
    We want to be a safe working environment with healthy and happy employees. Our goal is to be among the top 25 per cent of companies in terms of a good working environment and our personnel’s well-being. The responsibility of the supply chains related to our drinks is important to us. We promote sustainability principles pursuant to amfori BSCI in our supply chain and will expand sustainability audits over the next few years to cover 100 per cent of our suppliers in risk countries.

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