Altia has launched a new website, www.altiaindustrial.com, for industrial customers and partners. The new site gathers all Altia’s industrial services and products in one place. The site also provides information for Finnish farmers who produce raw material, high-quality barley, for Altia.

Altia’s strengthened wine team works ambitiously to meet the increasing expectations of consumers, customers and partners. The company has focused its wine production in the Rajamäki plant whose flexible technology facilitates various packaging methods for future needs.

Altia’s wine and glögg production will be relocated from Svendborg plant in Denmark to Rajamäki, Finland, during spring 2014. The statutory negotiations with the Danish employees were concluded on October 3rd, 2013. As the outcome of the negotiations the number of affected positions in Altia Svendborg plant will be 84 instead of the estimated 100 positions.