Each year, Blossa travels to new locations around the world to seek inspiration for its annual vintage glögg. Amidst serpentine roads, steep mountain sides and vast lemon groves, Blossa found the destination that has inspired this year’s flavour: the Italian Amalfi Coast. This year's glögg has a taste of limoncello and the Mediterranean herbs of rosemary, thyme and basil.

Every year Blossa travels to a new location for inspiration for the annual glögg. This year the coordinates were set to 28°39'24.2''N 77°13'18.5''E and the destination is the bustling spice market Khari Baoli in Old Delhi. Here, among all of the world's flavors and scents, we have found the inspiration for this year's flavoring: lovely sun-ripened mango, spicy cumin and hot chili.