Whistleblowing Channel

Altia is committed to responsible business conduct and integrity, as expressed in our Code of Conduct.

To promote accountability and foster a responsible company culture, Altia encourages you to report any suspected violations of the Code of Conduct, laws or business ethics in general. The suspected violation may relate e.g. to illegal or unethical activity, improper accounting or financial practices, fraud, bribes and conflicts of interest.

To report, please send a message through the following external website operated by an independent organization, Whistleblowing Centre: https://report.whistleb.com/Altia. Please identify and explain your concern in sufficient detail to facilitate an investigation. You do not need to have firm evidence in support of your concern, but all messages must be made in good faith.

You may disclose your identity or send your message anonymously. If you choose to disclose your identity, you give your consent that your personal data can be used in the investigation process in accordance with this privacy policy:

All messages are investigated confidentially.

Thank you for raising your concern!