On these pages, you’ll find information about Altia’s Corporate Governance Principles, approved by Altia’s Board of Directors. The Board also adopts instructions and operating policies supplementing the Corporate Governance Principles, which provide a framework for Altia Group's effective management and steering in accordance with good corporate governance. The Board annually assesses that the Corporate Governance Principles are up-to-date.

The Corporate Governance Principles supplement the Finnish Companies Act (624/2006, as amended), the Finnish Securities Markets Act (746/2012, as amended), the Finnish Accounting Act (1336/1997, as amended), the rules of Nasdaq Helsinki as well as Altia’s Articles of Association. In addition, Altia complies with the Finnish Corporate Governance Code published by the Securities Market Association in 2015 (the “Governance Code”). The Governance Code is available at Compliance with the Governance Code is based on a comply-or-explain principle, whereby deviations from the Governance Code shall be explained and disclosed. Altia does not deviate from any of the recommendations of the Governance Code.

The General Meeting of Shareholders, the Board and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) are responsible for the management of Altia, and their duties are primarily determined in accordance with the Finnish Companies Act. The management and governance of Altia are also based on decisions made by the General Meeting of Shareholders and the company.

The Board ensures that Altia complies with the principles of good corporate governance.


Altia's Corporate Governance Structure
Altia's governance structure