Outlook 2020

 Altia has provided an updated guidance for 2020 in connection with Q3 Business Review (6 November 2020).


Outlook for 2020 (published on 6 Nov 2020)

Market outlook

The development of the Group’s business operations and profitability are affected by the competitive environment, the overall economic outlook and changes in alcohol taxation and regulation. Uncertainty related to changes in consumer buying behaviour and consumer demand continues. In addition, overall fluctuations of direct product costs affect the Group’s profitability.

COVID-19 update: Uncertainty in the economy and operating environment is high and the risk of an economic slowdown is high. The recovery of the market depends on the level and extent of government restrictions and recommendations on travel, movement and social distancing, and how these restrictions impact consumer behaviour. The pace of recovery is difficult to estimate and it is affected by changes in consumer behaviour and is expected to vary across sales channels.


There are substantial seasonal fluctuations in the consumption of alcoholic beverages impacting the net sales and cash flow of Altia. The company typically generates large amounts of its revenue and cash flow during the fourth quarter of the year, whereas the first quarter of the year is significantly lower. In addition, excise taxes related to the high season at the end of the year are paid in January, resulting in large cash outflows at the beginning of the year.


Altia’s guidance for 2020 was suspended on 29 April 2020 due to the uncertainties related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the uncertainties in the fourth quarter, Altia is providing an updated guidance for 2020. Following the strong profitability development during the first nine months of the year, Altia expects comparable EBITDA for 2020 to be higher than in 2019 (2019: EUR 44.8 million).

Towards the rest of the year, the uncertainties related to COVID-19 have escalated and the negative impacts on Altia’s last and most important quarter are expected to be substantial. The restrictions on social gatherings will limit the festive season and hence impact negatively the Christmas sales. Especially in Scandinavia, the sales volumes of glögg and aquavit are expected to be lower than in the previous year. Further, the significant negative impact on sales in travel retail is expected to continue.

In Altia Industrial, the escalated uncertainties relate to the decreased demand for starch, the tight situation on the ethanol market, the lower contract manufacturing volumes and the expected higher cost base due to increased barley cost.

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