Calculcation of key figures

On this page, you can find definitions of financial key indicators.


Definitions of financial key indicators

Key figure 



Operating result before depreciation and amortization 

EBITDA margin, % 

EBITDA / Net sales 

Comparable operating result 

Operating result excluding items affecting comparability 

Comparable operating margin, % 

Comparable operating result / Net sales 

Comparable EBITDA 

EBITDA excluding items affecting comparability 

Comparable EBITDA margin, % 

Comparable EBITDA / Net sales 


Non-current borrowings + Current borrowings 

Net debt 

Borrowings + Non-current and current lease liabilities – Cash and cash equivalents 

Gearing, % 

Net debt / Total equity  

Equity ratio, % 

Total equity / (Total assets – Advances received) 

Net debt / Comparable EBITDA 

Net debt / Comparable EBITDA 

Earnings / share 

Result for the period attributable to shareholders of the parent company/Share-issue adjusted number of shares during the period