Altia Nordic Core brands

Our Nordic core brands

Altia’s strategy is to build our Nordic brands in a way that ensures relevance and value for new generations. Our Nordic brands are among the best-known spirits and wine brands in the region.


The year 2020 proved exceptional on many levels, with unforeseen circumstances for the industry due to COVID-19. However, we have been able to convert the challenges into opportunities. Overall, Altia’s own brands developed well, thanks to a strong baseline and the ability to react to changes agilely. The key export brands Koskenkorva, O.P. Anderson and Larsen were impacted by the closure or restriction of important travel retail and export channels. Simultaneously, local brands developed well, thanks to consumers shifting their purchases to the monopolies. The prevailing consumer trends are supporting well-known, strong, trustworthy Nordic brands. With profound consumer and innovation insights, we were able to create meaningful concepts for our existing brands and continue to identify exciting new opportunities for the future.

Sustainability is an integrated element of everything we do at Altia. We view every aspect of our marketing operations through a sustainability lense. Each flagship brand has a clear and measurable plan for a more sustainable future.

One of the year’s most memorable recognitions was winning the Vodka Producer of the Year award in the International Spirits Challenge 2020, which recognises the best performing drinks producers. This award is a true testament to the persistent work we do in brand marketing and innovations.

In addition to our strong own brands, we complete our product offering with partner brands from leading global wine and spirits houses. Having a wide brand assortment allows us to play across categories and price points, providing a complete and competitive portfolio for our customers. This proved a real asset in 2020.

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