Altia Nordic Core brands

Our Nordic core brands

Altia’s strategy is to create value through its brands. We have a unique portfolio of iconic brands, which are rooted in the Nordic heritage and are among the region’s best-known spirits and wine brands.


In 2018, we refined our portfolio of Nordic core brands to better reflect strategic growth opportunities. The ambition is to achieve greater focus and impact. Our key export brands are Koskenkorva Vodka, Larsen Cognac and O.P. Anderson Aquavit. The focus for these brands is geographical growth and expanding their footprint into new channels and technologies.

We are also investing in our other iconic Nordic brands, which are Chill Out, Blossa and Xanté, as well as Leijona and Jaloviina in Finland, and Explorer and Grönstedts in Sweden. In addition to these Nordic core brands, Altia has a considerable portfolio of other local brands that play across categories and price ties, enabling Altia to be involved where the consumer opportunities lie. 

Everything we do starts with the consumer. Through continuous consumer research, we have created a profound understanding of Nordic consumers and their needs. Every development project is guided by strong consumer engagement, whether innovation and product development or the marketing of our brands. The continuous involvement of Altia’s own consumer community enables us to be close to the people who love our brands and help us develop them further.

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