Corporate Responsibility

Corporate responsibility is both a strategic priority and a key success factor for Altia. The aim of Altia’s efforts in the area of corporate responsibility is to build sustainable long-term business.


Altia wants to support the development of a modern and responsible Nordic drinking culture in its operating countries in accordance with the company’s purpose, Let’s Drink Better.

The focus areas of Altia's responsibility work are divided into four cornerstones: Altia & Customers, Altia & Society, Altia & Environment and Altia & Employees. The cornerstones are based on Altia’s purpose and strategy, stakeholder expectations, the company’s own operating principles and codes of conduct, as well as the amfori BSCI Code of Conduct, which in turn is based on key international agreements protecting workers’ rights.

In corporate responsibility reporting, Altia follows the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Guidelines. As of the Annual Report 2017, the company also publishes a non-financial statement in accordance with the EU Directive and the Finnish Accounting Act.

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Circular economy

Altia’s distillery in the village of Koskenkorva uses about 210 million kilos of Finnish barley a year. The distillery produces grain spirit for Altia’s alcoholic beverages. The Koskenkorva distillery is based on bio and circular economy: 100% of the grain is utilised. None of it goes to waste. Altia received the Green Company of the Year 2018 award for the circular economy at the Koskenkorva distillery.

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