Altia's strategy

We build our long-term success on our two core strenghts: we are the Nordic distillery that masters the sustainable production of high-quality grain-based spirits, and we provide the best route-to-market through distribution and channel execution for our brands and our partners.


Our markets are changing, and consumers want to make responsible choices. We believe that life is to be enjoyed, but not at the expense of the planet. That’s why we create unique brand experiences and are forerunners in sustainability. We simply call this – Let’s Drink Better. 

The choices made in the refined strategy will support Altia’s profitable growth ambitions towards its financial targets, and strengthen Altia’s position as one of the most sustainable spirits companies and a leading Nordic drinks house.

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The key trends shaping our business are: Authenticity, Sustainability, Health consciousness, Premiumisation, Convenience and Digitalisation.

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