Altia Koskenkorva distillery

Occupational safety is one of the key focus areas of Altia’s sustainability work. We have invested strongly in improving occupational safety and building our safety culture both within Altia as well as with our partners. On this page you can find Altia’s minimum safety requirements, which apply to all people working at our production and logistics sites, as well as separate safety orientations for Altia’s different locations.

White plates and a cup and silver cutlery and salt and pepper cellars on a marbel table.

On this page you'll find our policies, such as Code of conduct for suppliers, Anti-bribery and -corruption policy for suppliers and business partners and and Rajamäki food safety policy.

Altians in the village of Koskenkorva

It is imperative that Altia is a safe, enjoyable and inspiring place to work and a trusted partner for our suppliers and clients. We strive to increase the well-being of our employees and provide equal opportunities for professional growth. Our business ethics is guided by our codes of conduct.

Clear drink and a part of a bottleneck on a white wooden table.

We promote a modern drinking culture where our beverages are enjoyed responsibly. We enable consumers to make conscious, sustainable and healthier choices and provide transparent content information of our products. We partnership with local initiatives and take a serious stance towards alcohol misuse.  We market our products responsibility and in compliance with applicable legislation.

A drink with ice and lime in a copper mug on a wooden table.

At Altia, we take pride in the quality of our offering, which includes our own brands and selected partner brands. We carefully review and minimize the environmental impacts at all stages of the product life cycle and invest in creating recyclable, reusable, renewable, and lighter packaging.