Altians in the village of Koskenkorva

It is imperative that Altia is a safe, enjoyable and inspiring place to work and a trusted partner for our suppliers and clients. We strive to increase the well-being of our employees and provide equal opportunities for professional growth. Our business ethics is guided by our codes of conduct.

Clear drink and a part of a bottleneck on a white wooden table.

We promote a modern drinking culture where our beverages are enjoyed responsibly. We enable consumers to make conscious, sustainable and healthier choices and provide transparent content information of our products. We partnership with local initiatives and take a serious stance towards alcohol misuse.  We market our products responsibility and in compliance with applicable legislation.

A drink with ice and lime in a copper mug on a wooden table.

At Altia, we take pride in the quality of our offering, which includes our own brands and selected partner brands. We carefully review and minimize the environmental impacts at all stages of the product life cycle and invest in creating recyclable, reusable, renewable, and lighter packaging.

Distillation columns in Altia's Koskenkorva distillery.

Our award-winning distillery is exemplary in the bio and circular economy. We continously explore ways to minimise our carbon footprint – without carbon compensations. We also create less waste, maximise efficiency and conserve natural resources, including the pure, unfiltered ground water used in our beverages.

PET plastic bottles with white capsules

What’s one bottle anyway? It’ll get swallowed up by the forest, it’s not bothering anyone and someone will pick it up some day. This may have been the way that people used to think. Maybe some of us still do. But here’s the thing: foreign objects have no place in nature. And they may not necessarily be cleared away by anyone, ever. Or not for quite some time, at least.