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In the contemplated listing of Altia Plc (“Altia” or the “Company”), the State of Finland (the “Seller”) is offering, through a sale of shares, preliminarily a maximum of 20,000,000 shares (the “Sale Shares”) in the Company for purchase (the “Share Sale”) to (i) private individuals and entities in Finland (the “Public Share Sale”), and to (ii) institutional investors as private placements in Finland and internationally (the “Institutional Share Sale”). In addition, the Company is offering for subscription to the permanent employees of Altia in Finland and Sweden and to the members of the Executive Management Team of Altia a maximum of 300,000 new shares in the Company (the “Personnel Shares”) (the “Personnel Offering”).

In Altia's share monitor which opens below you can analyse the share price development and download share data. The service and data is provided by a third party service provider. Data is delayed by 15 minutes.

Outlook and guidance for 2019 as published in the Financial Statements Bulletin on 7 February 2019 remains unchanged (Business Review Jan-Mar 2019, 8 May 2019).

The Nordic wine and spirits markets are large and stable. The off-trade markets in Finland, Sweden and Norway consist mainly of state retail monopolies while the off-trade markets in Denmark and Baltics mainly consist of traditional retail such as grocery stores. Local and global market trends affect Altia’s operational environment.

Corporate responsibility is both a strategic priority and a key success factor for Altia. The aim of Altia’s efforts in the area of corporate responsibility is to build sustainable long-term business.

Altia pursues an active dividend policy, and the result of the period not considered necessary to grow and develop the company will be distributed to the shareholders. According to the dividend policy, the Company targets a dividend pay-out ratio of 60 per cent or above of the result for the period.

Information about Altia's dividend payment history can be found here.

Altia's strategy focuses on creating sustainable and profitable growth in accordance with our purpose Let's drink better. Our vision is to be the drinks company that understands consumers and shapes the market to grow share. We aim to be an important partner for state retail monopolies, the grocery trade and on-trade customers, and to create positive value development in all markets. 

Altia’s business model is based on offering a strong portfolio of its own brands and a versatile range of international partner brands as well as providing services to its customers that utilise Altia's production, packaging and logistics capacity. In addition, by-products from the production process are sold to Altia's industrial customers. 

In its insider administration, Altia follows the Guidelines for Insiders issued by Nasdaq Helsinki complemented by the Company’s own Insider Policy adopted by the Board.