Financial information

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Welcome to read our Annual Report 2019. The Annual Report consists of business overview, report by the Board of Directors and non-financial statement, sustainability section, governance statements and financial statements.

On these pages, you can find Altia’s key financial information including key figures, debt, risks and tax footprint. The content on these pages is updated in connection with the publication of financial reports.

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Altia is a responsible taxpayer in all its operating countries (Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, and France). In addition, the company aims to promote the Group’s strategic development and support business operations, as well as ensure their proper implementation also from the tax perspective.

Altia’s business model is based on offering a strong portfolio of its own brands and a versatile range of international partner brands as well as providing services to its customers that utilise Altia's production, packaging and logistics capacity. In addition, by-products from the production process are sold to Altia's industrial customers.