Work for an increasingly responsible supply chain

Altia joined the international amfori BSCI initiative in 2017. During its nearly two-year membership, Altia has participated in the development of its entire supply chain as part of an international network.

The amfori BSCI initiative aims to engage the member companies to monitor the responsibility of their entire supply chain. Altia has implemented the responsible sourcing principles of the amfori BSCI initiative already since 2012. Altia’s membership in the initiative indicates its desire to increase its know-how and the possibilities to develop responsible sourcing over the long term.

This means the implementation of human rights, environmental responsibility and occupational safety principles, among other things.

Audits pertaining to social responsibility are conducted at Altia’s supplier within the framework of the amfori BSCI initiative. The audits often focus on countries defined as risk countries by amfori BSCI. In 2018, the Nordic retail monopolies or other members of amfori BSCI ordered a total of 21 audits that were conducted at Altia’s suppliers, partners or their subcontractors.

The results of the amfori BSCI audits evaluate suppliers on the basis of the realisation of ethical criteria. Based on the evaluation, the supplier must draw up remediation plans, the realisation of which will be assessed in follow-up audits.

“The auditing is carried out in the spirit of continuous development. The aim is to develop suppliers’ responsibility rather than breaking off the business relationship when shortcomings are detected. This however requires the supplier to be willing to develop their own operations and receive feedback,” says Tarja Jukkara, Altia’s Sourcing and Logistics Director.

Amfori BSCI offers its members an extensive databank on capacity building and previous audits and their results. The database also includes members’ measures to promote responsibility, for instance.

For Altia, participation in amfori BSCI translates into an ability to have an influence on the responsibility of its supply chain and organise and schedule responsibility audits more efficiently, which has a direct impact on the effectiveness of the work.  In addition, amfori BSCI offers capacity building opportunities through which Altia’s employees and representatives of Altia’s supply chain get the chance to develop their own responsibility expertise.

Altia has also prepared separate guidelines for its suppliers and subcontractors (Altia Code of Conduct for Suppliers and Subcontractors), and included this Code of Conduct in its sourcing contracts since 2017. The Code of Conduct is largely based on the same international conventions and principles as amfori BSCI’s principles.