Quality control is a combination of sensory assessment and chemical analysis

Quality controller is doing Sensory perception in Rajamäki laboratory

At the Rajamäki plant, the quality of Altia’s products is monitored by means of both skilled personnel and precise chemical analysis. And there’s a lot to control – the 100 wine tanks currently located at Rajamäki hold a total of 2.4 million litres of wine.

Taking care of product safety and quality is among the most important of Altia’s responsibility aspects and embedded in the company’s operating methods.  Cleanliness and the purity of raw materials are controlled carefully at the Rajamäki plant. Quality improvement is also subject to continuous development work.

In recent years, for example, Altia has aimed to minimise wine’s exposure to oxygen. The reduction achieved in this has been significant, which has improved the storage life of wine.

The wines which have passed a strict selection process arrive at Rajamäki from around the world in 24 000-litre tanks, meaning that before the wines can be found on store shelves, they need to be bottled or packaged in boxes. A wine’s composition and certain flavour profiles, for example, are agreed on in cooperation with the producer during the sourcing phase.

The wine arriving at Rajamäki is therefore processed as little as possible.  Even so, when the wine arrives, Altia always takes several samples of it in accordance with the guidelines of strict quality control. This ensures the wine’s microbiological and chemical quality.

In addition, the wine is always subject to sensory assessment in the very same manner as every wine that has ever been bottled at the Rajamäki plant. Before a wine is given the final stamp of approval, Altia’s experts have checked its colour and composition several times with the help of various tests.