The personnel’s development opportunities were brought up in the Altia Tasting survey

Altians in the village of Koskenkorva

The Altia Tasting survey conducted at the beginning of the year resulted in development proposals which have been advanced with the help of the entire personnel in 2018. Altia Tasting measures the personnel’s well-being and hopes. Up to 90 per cent of the more than 700 Altia employees working in seven countries responded to the survey.

The responses received in 2018 brought up a clear wish for giving more visibility for Altia’s internal development and training opportunities. According to the survey Altia employees find there are a lot of opportunities for learning at work, since the company holds interesting positions.

“We have invested in generating more discussions between supervisors and teams on using the entire potential of our employees and their personal development opportunities. Alongside this, we have published any open vacancies also internally to our personnel and encouraged our personnel to apply those positions”, says Kirsi Lehtola, SVP, HR.

The survey also revealed hopes for improved feedback and organisation of the workload balance. In addition, the respondents hoped for more opportunities to meet members of the Executive Management Team more in informal situations as well. Work on these development targets will also continue in 2019.

All in all, Lehtola is happy with the survey’s results.

“Based on the results, our job satisfaction is on an average level: in some issues, we’ve clearly outperformed the benchmark companies, while in others, there’s still have room for improvement. We’ll keep on working on these issues during the year ahead,” says Lehtola.