GODA’s dialogue with the Danish youth continues

Altia supports the development of a responsible drinking culture in its operating countries. In Denmark, a lot of this is done through the industry-funded God Alkoholkultur (GODA) initiative.

We talked about GODA’s work in our 2014 Responsibility Report. Since then, GODA’s activities have expanded. It now covers more schools, has new initiatives and offers more information materials for parents and municipalities, and new teaching materials for schools. GODA’s materials facilitate having a fact-based and objective discussion about alcohol use, combining evidence with a bit of humour when engaging with young people.

High school students the new focus

Over the last few years, GODA’s work has focused especially on high school students, who are 16 years and older. In 2016, the Danish media reported on students who, at the beginning of the school year, had been admitted to hospital due to life-threatening blood alcohol levels.

“While the drinking age in Denmark has increased, the first-year students in high school are now more inexperienced with the use of alcohol than before and do not know enough about the risks involved. With 16-year-olds, there is also less parental control. Combined with the active social life at high school, this has resulted in some tragic events”, explains Anett Wiingaard, Manager of GODA.

Traditionally, alcohol education has targeted pupils at lower secondary school. However, as young people’s first experience with alcohol now happens around one year later, this information has to be repeated when social life involving parties and alcohol begins.

GODA has reacted by strengthening its advice to both high school students and their parents. It created and distributed an information pamphlet for parents and municipalities, and produced new web-based teaching materials for high schools. It also created a Facebook page “All Night Long - GODA”, which, for example, provides a party guide for first-year students with information on alcohol units and metabolization times. Around 19,000 16-year-olds (27 percent of all first-year students) interacted with the Facebook posts, with positive comments from both students and their parents.

At the lower secondary school level, GODA has established a short story competition for students, where they are encouraged to submit a story on “young people and alcohol”. GODA’s website “Alkoholdialog” has continued its growth as a popular source of information for both students and their parents. Almost 55,000 unique visitors reached the site in 2017, marking an increase of 86 percent in comparison with the previous year.