Everyone is the leader of their own work

Altia has defined new ‘Altia Behaviours’ based on collective planning and discussion throughout the company. Altia Behaviours apply to all Altians and emphasise courage and responsibility in one’s own work.

At the beginning of 2017, Altia launched its new Altia Behaviours to guide the work of all Altians. The new principles coincide with our strategy and company purpose, Let’s Drink Better.

“Altia Behaviours apply to all Altians. Previously, we had different guidelines for managers and other employees, but now we wanted to share the message of one Altia for everyone,” says Riikka Walden, Director, Leadership & Culture.

Defining the principles was the result of co-operation. The process started in November 2016 and consisted of group discussions between 70 Altians, who were chosen to present different countries and positions.

The main topic in the conversations was to find out what kind of change was needed at Altia. Based on the conversations, an open e-learning platform for dialogue was created for the whole company at the end of 2016.

Genuine curiosity for new practices

The new Altia Behaviours were inspired by the comments from group discussions and the e-learning platform. The principles were named as Renew Bravely, Show Direction, Build Success Together and Implement! Compared to the previous principles, the new behaviours emphasise renewing and leadership in one’s own work.

"Renew Bravely means having a genuine curiosity to apply a new perspective to old practices."
Riikka Walden, Director, Leadership & Culture

“Renew Bravely is the new addition that functions as a roof concept for the other behaviours. It means having a genuine curiosity to apply a new perspective to old practices. It also contains the idea of accepting mistakes, learning from them and even celebrating them, since mistakes often mean there has been the courage to try something new.”

The other three behaviours have existed before in Altia’s strategy, but have now been renewed to respond to the new strategy and comments from the employees.

“When it comes to the other behaviours, we literally want to show the direction in the business. And most importantly, we want to do this together. Of course, none of these fine sounding values matter unless we implement them in terms of our actual work and get things done.”

A framework for conversation

Walden has advised supervisors to use the Altia Behaviours as a framework and fit them to their own team. She hopes that all employees will be open to the new behaviours and discuss them together with colleagues.

“We didn’t want to give too many concrete examples, since we want every team to interpret the behaviours in their own context. It is also important to remember that the behaviours have been defined together, based on the real needs of the company. The Altians themselves know best what is needed for their everyday work.”

Since the beginning of 2017, the teams have been discussing the behaviours and their meaning. During the year, the behaviours will be finalised, communicated to the employees and integrated into all HR practices, including into performance dialogue discussions. The success of the behaviours will be measured in the next personnel survey and through open feedback.