Circulating a sparkling thanks

Altia encourages its entire personnel to give spontaneous small thanks and recognitions as part of the workplace’s day-to-day life, thereby strengthening togetherness and feeling of shared success. In addition, the aim is to find role models who generate new ideas, work well together, support others and get things done.

In March 2017, at the initiation of CEO Pekka Tennilä, Altia launched a weekly thanking relay, in which a champagne bottle is given by way of thanks to an exemplary colleague, who then gets their turn to decide who receives the next bottle. The purpose of the relay is to showcase good examples and thank colleagues. The names of the employees who receive the thanks are always published on the intranet, as are the reasons for the recognition. This way, everyone can follow the progress of the thanking relay and learn from each other’s successes.

Altia employees have thanked their colleagues in, for example, the following ways:

“I would like to give the next champagne bottle to a fairly new Altian and a good colleague, who has fresh ideas and has started to renew bravely our wine category.”

“The next bottle will go to a colleague who’d – in all reality – deserve at least a whole truck of champagne. But better one than nothing! I never get tired of dignifying your super nice personality and your ability to handle a million issues at the same time and still to stay calm in every situation.”

“I would like to convey my thanks and a bottle of champagne to a colleague whose dedication and help in the middle of the organisational change have meant a lot. Though being busy with core tasks, this colleague has always been available and ready to help without any hesitation.”

So far, the thanking relay has circulated in Altia’s locations in Ruoholahti, Stockholm, Tabasalu and Rajamäki. We intend to continue the relay with the aim of reaching as many employees working in different units and locations as possible.