Advocating responsible consumption

We at Altia are committed to promoting responsible drinking culture.

  • We respect the right of adults to choose to drink alcohol beverages – or choose to not drink them.
  • The majority of adult consumers enjoy alcohol products responsibly and with moderation in their social life.
  • We take seriously the harm caused by alcohol misuse and support relevant public health measures in preventing and reducing this harm.
  • In our view, alcohol products should be appropriately regulated. We believe the most effective measures to reduce the harmful use of alcohol are evidence-based, effective and they target specific problems.
  • We advocate responsible consumption and market our products according to laws.
  • Alcohol is only for adults enjoying it responsibly. We are strongly against underage alcohol use.

Together with other industry actors in our operating area, we have launched websites promoting responsible drinking culture and educational programs aiming to prevent youth’s alcohol use.

Enjoy responsibly

The local joint-industry “Enjoy responsibly” sites provide information about responsible consumption, harmful effects of alcohol abuse as well as the effects and risks for different consumer groups, e.g. youth, pregnant and drivers.  

The sites are based on the commitment of the EU spirits industry representative body spiritsEUROPE and its member associations to promote responsible consumption.

Visit the local sites:,,,, and the spiritsEUROPE site

Let’s talk about alcohol

The objective of the ”Let’s talk about alcohol” programmes is to prevent youth alcohol  use and postpone the drinking start.

For example in Denmark, the Alkoholdialog initiative is executed through the industry-funded God Alkoholkultur (GODA). GODA provides teaching material online aimed at the oldest classes of elementary schools and they have trained nurses to teach classes about how to use alcohol, among others.

The teaching materials were originally developed in Sweden in co-operation with the industry and the pedagogic experts and they are based on international research.  The campaign in Sweden was launched already in 2006.

Read more about the programmes in their local sites: Puhutaan Alkoholista, Prata om alkohol! Alkoholdialog, Räägime alkoholist and Runajot par Alkoholu.