Career story

This is a lifestyle for me; it does not feel like working

Janek Laanisto
Wine Brand Manager, Estonia

I am responsible for all wine brands in Estonia, both the partner wines and own wines. My work is quite versatile. One of the key elements is creating brand plans and planning for the coming periods.

I am also working with sales teams in executing the plans, developing our product portfolio & running wine trainings for own staff, clients & consumers. Since I am a sommelier from my background I am quite often invited to discuss about wines with our customers.

I am passionate about wines. In my free time, I love to go to restaurants and see what our competitors are doing. This is really a lifestyle for me; it does not feel like working!

We have a great team in Estonia, everyone is working together in a very result oriented way. Sales and marketing are totally steered towards the same targets. There is also an excellent working climate here – lots of open discussions and fair treatment of employees.