Career story

It is great fun to be part of the whole lifespan of a product

Åsa Orsvärn
Product Development Manager, Chief Blender

In my job there are two very different parts, firstly securing that we deliver the same quality of our basic Blossa glögg year after year and secondly working on a new product, our annual Blossa, every year.

Both roles have their challenges and joys. When it comes to securing that our consumers get their beloved basic Blossa glögg taste as they expect, the recipe needs to be rewritten every year since the taste of the wine base alters every year.  On the other hand, creating the annual Blossa involves a full scale product innovation. I am responsible of the recipe, of course working together with my colleagues.

What I love about my job is the variety – it is great fun to be part of the whole lifespan of a product, from innovation to production. Another great aspect of my work is the teamwork, working together with very different stakeholders. Everyone in the whole chain needs to feel proud of the product and their work – this is how we succeed!

Also finding solutions to various challenges that come on the way is rewarding, discussing with a colleague in tasting room and brainstorming how to even further improve the taste of the product.