At Altia, we all take part in enhancing the Nordic drinking culture in accordance with our company purpose “Let’s drink better”. Altians have the possibility to work with great brands and exciting development projects which offer opportunities to make a difference and learn new. At Altia we nurture flexibility in our ways of working. We are about 700 Altians working in seven countries. Welcome to work with us!

Open positions

We are looking for colleagues who are strong team players and dedicated to customer success. Our new colleagues also tend to see solutions rather than spotting problems around them. Tell us who you are and how you could be part of our story.

Altia & Employees

Altia & Employees is one of our responsibility cornerstones. At Altia, we believe that the success of our personnel leads to the success of the company, and the other way around.

We want to build a working community in which our personnel have a high level of well-being and can perform their work safely.

Recognizing that each employee contributes to the atmosphere of the working community, we take pride in our relaxed company culture that allows everyone to be themselves.