Altia Celebrates Finland 100 years

Finland is celebrating the country’s 100 years of independence in 2017. The centenary of Finland’s independence marks the most significant commemorative year for the past generations of Finns. The Finnish Council of State has established an organization for the centenary – Suomi Finland 100. It is responsible for arranging a celebratory program and cultural offering for the entire duration of 2017.

As an official partner of the jubilee year, Altia supports Finnish art, agriculture and forestry by launching a series of special products. A portion of each product’s sales proceeds will be donated to charity, making it Altia’s centenary present to Finland.

The special products and the recipients of charitable contributions are the following:

Wine Gallery Suomi Finland 100: A portion of the sales proceeds of these wines will be donated to the Helsinki Art Museum for the purpose of acquiring art from young Finnish artists. The labels of these special wines are graced by frescos by Tove Jansson, currently on display at the Helsinki Art Museum.

More about jubilee wines:

Koskenkorva Sata: A portion of the sales proceeds of the product will be donated to the foundation of Agronomiliitto (“Finnish Agronomist Association”) in order to support Finnish agriculture and research that promotes farming.

Jaloviina Tammi: A portion of the sales proceeds of the product will be donated to WWF to support the voluntary work that this organisation conducts in order to protect forest.

Altia, the leading wine and spirits company in the Nordic and Baltic countries, has been part of Finnish drinks industry and culture since 1880’s. Altia wants to enhance a modern, responsible Nordic drinking culture.