Altia Nordic Core brands


Altia is a house of brands listed on Nasdaq Helsinki whose key trademarks play a central role in the company's strategy and success. Altia's own brands, such as Koskenkorva, O.P. Anderson, Larsen, Chill Out, Blossa, Xanté, Jaloviina, Leijona, Explorer and Grönstedts, have a strong market position and many of them have a long heritage to cherish in the Nordics.

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Koskenkorva is a classic vodka made from nature’s pure ingredients. Koskenkorva has been distilled in the village of Koskenkorva since 1953. We use the northernmost grown barley, pure unfiltered groundwater and continuous distillation, which result in the product’s unique taste. Koskenkorva has won several awards in international industry competitions.

Sustainability is an instrumental part of the Koskenkorva brand. The Koskenkorva distillery is a forerunner in the bio and circular economy. Altia and the Koskenkorva distillery won the 2018 Green Company of the Year, awarded by the Drinks Business Green Awards.

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O. P. Anderson®

Aquavit is an interesting, inherently Nordic category of spirits. The bartender community consider aquavits an exquisite cocktail ingredient. O.P. Anderson is the oldest and leading aquavit brand in Sweden, and it is taking promising steps also elsewhere in the Nordics. The classic spice formula of O.P. Anderson has inspired many of today’s aquavits.

The O.P. Anderson organic Björk and the ready-to-drink alternative respond to the more responsible drinking quest of the modern consumer.


Larsen Cognac is a combination of the Scandinavian spirit and the craftmanship and expertise of French Cognac connoisseurs. The history of the brand stems from a young Norwegian adventurer, Jens Reidar Larsen. We want to challenge the status quo of the Cognac industry and explore new and surprising ways of consuming Cognac.

Larsen Cognac has recently been introduced to China and is one of our key export brands.

Chill Out®

Chill Out wines are a range of quality wines from selected vineyards in Europe, Australia, South Africa, North and South America that always offers you a variety of tastes and styles that are easy to like.

Chill Out wine taste best when shared with friends and loved ones, regardless occasion. We are for wine lovers, not necessarily experts. And we strongly believe that drinking wine should be as uncomplicated as it is good. Or as we say it - No fuss, just great wines.

Our way of being responsible is shown in the smartness of our production, packaging solutions, new products and product features. We have organic products too, but would rather like to talk about our on-going process of maximizing sustainability and being environmental.


Blossa is the definition of glögg and the recipe has set the standard in the category. All of our Blossa glöggs are based on a blend of different wine styles, mixed with our own aged spice macerate and sweetened with high quality sugar.

There is a Blossa variant for all preferences, also alcohol-free. Every year we release an annual edition of Blossa specially made for this Christmas in a limited edition.

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Xanté is a liqueur created in the late 19th century by master blender Richard Heinrich at the Maison Heinrich Liquoristerie Artisanale in Belgium, who had the ambition to create something entirely new.

The liqueur is based on the aromas of sweet pears and the finest cognac blends which have been aged four years in French oak barrels giving the drink its distinctive color and taste.

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Jaloviina is a unique Finnish cut brandy drink, a mix of cognac and clear grain spirit, and has been manufactured according to a traditional recipe since the end of prohibition in Finland in 1932. Jaloviina has a special role in Finland’s history and cultural heritage, and it makes several appearances in novels, broadcasts and media.

Jaloviina's star grading signifies the amount of cognac it contains.

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In 1824, small-town born Johan Daniel Grönstedt arrived in Stockholm to make a name of himself in the big city. After twelve years of working at various restaurants and establishments 28-year-old Johan Daniel took over Stiernan in the Old Town – a then celebrity spot serving as both restaurant and wine trade hub.

After a few successful years, the driven young man had created quite the reputation for his good beverages. In 1846 he opened the doors to his very own beverage trade shop J.D. Grönstedt & Co.

This was also the year when Johan Daniel Grönstedt blended his very first own cognac, under his own name. Today, over 170 years later, Grönstedts cognac is still the most popular cognac in Sweden.

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Explorer vodka was launched in the 1950s. It was the first alcoholic beverage labeled as vodka in Sweden and today it is the country's leading vodka brand.

Explorer has won several awards in international blind tastings. In 2017 Explorer launched “Explorer Gin”, an organic London dry distilled gin, and today there are also a cocktail line extension as well as a shot line extension to the brand.

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Leijona is a truly Finnish spirit brand established in 1995. Leijona is made using only domestic ingredients; Finnish barley and fresh, unfiltered water.

Leijona range includes unflavored clear spirits as well as flavored spirits and refreshing ready-to-drink alcoholic beverages.

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