We build our long-term success on our two core strenghts: we are the Nordic distillery that masters the sustainable production of high-quality grain-based spirits, and we provide the best route-to-market through distribution and channel execution for our brands and our partners.


Our markets are changing, and consumers want to make responsible choices. We believe that life is to be enjoyed, but not at the expense of the planet. That’s why we create unique brand experiences and are forerunners in sustainability. We simply call this – Let’s Drink Better

The choices made in our strategy will support Altia’s profitable growth ambitions towards its financial targets, and strengthen Altia’s position as one of the most sustainable spirits companies and a leading Nordic drinks house.

To strengthen our growth, we aim to take our brands to new growing markets. We strive for carbon neutral production by 2025 and to develop more value-added products from barley.

We have made clear strategic choices to deliver profitable growth:

  1. Strengthen Nordic market leadership in grain-based spirits 
  2. Boost Nordic channel excellence
  3. Take our core spirit brands to new markets
  4. Unlock value potential of Altia Industrial
Altia strategy infograph

Our purpose: Let’s drink better

We want to support a development of a modern, responsible Nordic drinking culture and develop better drinking experiences. We are proud to work with products that are the best choice for the environment and for the climate, promoted and consumed responsibly.

Our expertise: Award-winning brand experiences and sustainability

Nordic brands

We build our Nordic brands with relevance and value for new generations. Our aim is to create unique brand experiences in each channel and touchpoint and to expand into new occasions, categories and segments recruiting new consumers. We want to be the innovation role-model in beverages, from the Nordics.


We are the forerunners in sustainability. We are committed to carbon neutral production by 2025. Further, we aim to have 100% recyclable packaging and that 10% of our portfolio is non-alcoholic and low-alc drinks. We aim for zero absences due to injuries.

Our strategic choices

We have made clear strategic choices that support Altia’s profitable growth ambitions towards its financial targets.

1. Strengthen Nordic market leadership in grain-based spirits

We aim to strengthen vodka market leadership with full category view. We also aim to grow in adjacent grain-based spirits categories, such as gins, liqueurs, aquavits and RTDs, organically and through M&A.

We also focus on building consumer engagement through digital channels, such as and, to create brand preference and ongoing dialogue.

M&A’s would be a tool to accelerate our Nordic market leadership in grain-based spirits.

2. Boost Nordic channel excellence of our own brands and partner business execution

We enable the best route-to-market in the Nordics for our brands and for our partners. We will further develop our winning partner portfolio offering.

We aim to further strengthen sales execution across channels – monopoly, on-trade, retail and travel retail.

We also focus on leveraging digital enablers such as dynamic, data-driven marketing to drive sales in physical channels.

3. Take our core spirit brands to new markets

We aim to establish a position in selected attractive spirit-growth markets through export and M&A. 

We seek well targeted acquisitions to gain market access for our core spirit brands in growing spirits markets. We aim to leverage cross-selling opportunities for our grain-based spirits in new markets.

Further we explore  e-commerce opportunities and presence in digital channels and market places. 

4. Unlock value potential of Altia Industrial

We differentiate through our unique sustainability profile. We also continue to improve supply chain efficiency and pursue end-to-end supply chain digitalisation.

We aim to capture the potential of more value-added industrial products of Koskenkorva distillery’s side streams.


Altia’s refined strategy was announced in February 2020. Altia’s long-term financial targets remain unchanged

CEO Pekka Tennilä summarizes Altia's strategy.