The purpose of Altia’s strategy and operations is developing a new, modern and responsible Nordic drinking culture, which we summarize in the phrase – “Let’s drink better”. Our vision is to be a beverage brand company that seeks growth through strong consumer understanding as well as by developing the market. We target to be an important partner for state retail monopolies and to create positive value development in all markets. Altia’s focus is in creating sustainable and profitable growth.


The cornerstones of our strategy aiming for profitable growth:

Grow Altia’s Nordic core brands

Growing our Nordic core brands requires building brand equity, communication and presence through the right channels and expanding into new consumer groups, occasions and markets. Altia focuses on innovation and product development as well as marketing and developing core brands. In the long term, we expect growth to come from both volume and price (through premiumisation).

Execute a step change in wines

Our focus is on driving growth of our own brands wine portfolio by aiming to offer new products, brands and packaging that meet the market trends. We also target to grow our share especially in wines from Italy, Spain and France, and to increase the level of co-operation with partners. Focus is in the Swedish and Finnish markets.

Strengthen strategic partnerships

We focus on strengthening our strategic partnerships by leveraging our key competencies – sales and marketing as well as consumer and market insights. We also aim to develop new business and co-operation models throughout the value chain through collaboration with our own brands within innovation and liquid products development, wine packaging and contract services.

Channel expansion

Altia’s strategy with regards to channel expansion includes developing retail business and e-commerce. We expect the renewed Finnish alcohol act to support our position in the Finnish market. In the retail customer segment, our key initiatives are building and strengthening the retail organisation and creating a portfolio with retail targeted products, as well as marketing that supports the sale of retail targeted products. We also aim to drive presence, visibility and sales on all relevant e-commerce platforms, and to increase presence and visibility in on-trade sales channels with our core brands.

Fund and enable growth – Continuous comprehensive efficiency and performance

In addition to the growth initiatives, Altia focuses on continuously improving overall efficiency. In first instance, this includes improving the efficiencies and finding new capabilities in the supply chain. Agility, flexibility and quality of operations are key elements in improving efficiency and ensuring productivity. We also strive to improve efficiency through continuous cost reduction and product portfolio optimisation.

To support the abovementioned organic strategic streams, we continue active brand portfolio management and development, which includes potential selective acquisitions and/or divestments in line with our past acquisitions.