Our Purpose: Let's Drink Better

We want to support a development of a modern, responsible Nordic drinking culture and develop better drinking experiences. We are proud to work with products that are the best choice for the environment and for the climate, promoted and consumed responsibly.

We have crystallized our purpose as a company: Let’s Drink Better. This purpose is in the very heart of our strategy.

A sustainable drinking culture is rich, diverse, linked with social life and food culture; it is responsible enjoyment. A responsible drinking culture aims to minimize alcohol related harm and at the same time support the positive aspects of enjoying drinks with moderation. This includes combining food and drink, festivities and traditions, enjoying quality and the small oasis of relaxation in life.

Better drinking refers to enjoying drinks in a more positive manner. It can be higher quality, smaller quantity, more social, more environmentally friendly or lighter. Also, the active, conscious choices and health-consciousness of today’s consumers lead towards better drinking all the time.

Our product development always holds the Let’s Drink Better angle in mind: Will the new product offer consumers a more environmentally friendly option or an option that brings benefits to the producer’s community? Is the drink organically produced, do the ingredients come from close or is the product maybe 100% domestic? We also continuously grow our selection of low-alcohol and non-alcoholic products.

Let’s enjoy responsibly – Let’s Drink Better.